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SmartStock.WMS Functionality

Goods Receiving

Receiving can be executed with or without the control against the document imported from ERP system (eg. purchase order). Operating staff scans particular packages or single pieces by scanning the barcodes and stows the goods on pallet marked with barcode and pertinently enters the data about the amount of goods from the keyboard. If there is a flag defined in the stock card for serial number tracking, lot codes or period of expiration the operating staff will be requested to enter this information from the terminal keyboard or by scanning the barcode carrying this information. As far as the full pallet shipments are equipped with pallet tag with information according to EAN128 standard, the receiving can be executed simply only by scanning all barcodes from the tag. All given information are decoded automatically and processed within the scope of pallet receiving. When goods receiving has been executed the data are exported through interface into ERP system.

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