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SmartStock.WMS Functionality

SmartReport: dispatcher / manager module

The manipulation with entry data for picking (incoming orders) can be executed by dispatcher through SmartReport module. Dispatcher has the possibility to combine many orders into one wave / batch that will be than processed as one order, to change the order priorities, to plan the order picking on specific time or let the orders pass through this module automatically and transparently to be processed in SmartStock.WMS. Simultaneously the module provides information about all operations in a warehouse, status of particular orders, level of order processing, status on goods receiving, inventory discrepancy information, information about workers working load. All orders present in the system can be seen here. The module offers the possibility to monitor in-process orders and their status of processing along with the information about percentage of order processed and workers who work on the particular order presently. This module enables to insert the orders directly into the system too.

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