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SmartStock.WMS Functionality


Picking can be executed by single orders or by batch orders as well. A batch order may contain any amount of single orders that from certain reasons have been grouped effectively together into a batch. One of the reasons can be a requirement on picking of several orders at given time eg. for certain carrier or haulage line. Another reason for grouping orders into batches is significant productivity increase at processing of many smaller orders that moreover contain the same items. In case of single order processing eg. of 5 orders it would mean to execute 5 routes from shipping location to a warehouse and back and 5 selections of the same item from a warehouse. In case of batch order processing it is possible to group all 5 orders into one batch (manually or automatically according to defined rules) and to pick the complete batch at the same time. During the packaging process the entire picked batch is divided correctly into single orders and each order is checked and packed separately.

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