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Barco has been operating on the IT market since 1993. Since its beginning it has been focused on systems for barcode applicati o ns and its integration into existing ERP systems. As the system integrator in this area we offer integrated portfolio of services - analyses and design, supply and installation of data terminals, barcode scanners and their accessories, sotware development for terminals, development of customer tailor-made software for data collection and processing from terminals, supply of barcode printers and their integration into existing system, labels printout, expendable supplies and full customer after sales service.

We dispose of our own software development team that in consistency with company overall strategy has been focused on on-line data collection and processing, barcode technology and logistic software. From technological point of view we use the most advanced development tools from Microsoft and components of the leading development houses. Progressive programming tools, team work ability, advanced modelling and object technologies are the key elements of success also in large software projects.

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