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Thanks to partnership with the world leading hardware suppliers as Datalogic, Motorola, Unitech, Zebra, Argox, Intermec, Colubris, Proxim Barco offers the TOP products within the industry.

The long-term experience in this branch has become a ground for development of our own highly progressive solution for online Warehouse Management System Smartstock.WMS which has become the leading product of our company. It has been characterized by its explicitness, universality and flexibility that enables quick implementation into the majority of existing systems and types of warehouses.

The important activity of our company is a distribution of wireless network technologies based on experience from deployment of wireless networks for warehouse management systems. In this area we closely cooperate with the leaders in wireless network industry - corporations Proxim and Trango Broadband System.

Barco is a limited company. Capitol stock of the corporation is 20 000 000 CZK. By means of our branch offices we are active also on Slovakian market.

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