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SmartStock.WMS Features

Security and Reliability

SmartStock.WMS is an independent system operating on dedicated application server or directly on enterprise server. The system requirements are the server operating system Windows 2000/2003, access to database server MS SQL 2000-2005 and the installation of telnet server. The SmartStock.WMS application itself runs as a server application. Telnet client is activated only on handheld terminals and communicates with server application. Thus the own application does not run on terminals. There are no data stored and only the results of the communication with the server application are displayed. Along with the transactional data processing and its safe storage on SQL server this is the assurance of outstanding robustness of whole system and high resistance against any loss or data corruption. If the terminal batteries get discharged during the operation or the terminal gets out of range of radio frequency signal it will have no influence on smooth run of application and data storage.


The system layout has been highly subordinated to the requirement on application control simplicity from the handheld terminal. Extraordinarily complex business logic of the server application has been transformed into easy and clear instructions on the terminal display. Thus the operating staff is not burdened and overloaded with unnecessary information.
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