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SmartStock.WMS Features

Hardware Independency

System architecture built on telnet server / client is an assurance of independency on suppliers and types of handheld terminals. The application can be operated on any wireless terminal that supports telnet, function keys F1 to F10 and has display dimensions at least 20 characters and 16-lines eg. Datalogic, Motorola (Symbol), Intermec, LXE, Teklogix, HHP.


The important feature of a modern IS is the capability of adaptation to user processes. This counts especially in the case of Warehouse Management Systems because logistic processes and user business practices are characteristic by vast variability of requirements on system functionality and differ markedly from customer to customer also within the same industry. SmartStock.WMS in this respect offers vast and unique flexibility. SmartStock.WMS has been projected as an open system that enables not only effective integration into each business information system but also extraordinarily flexible and fast change of functionality and thus quick response on customer requirements. Its fundamental philosophy has been built on the existence of the development core which documentation is available for implementation and development partners. In this way it is possible to change or add the required functionality on the implementation level in a very effective way. There are unified tools for creation of packing lists, address labels and other tags included into the system. There is a possibility to execute these changes on implementation level and user level as well.
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