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SmartStock.WMS Benefits

Accurate And Intime Order Fulfilment

SmartStock.WMS provides advanced tools for order process management and management of stock allocations for these orders. Stock allocation runs continuously and automatically according to defined rules including rules for substitutions and further with regard to serial numbers, lot codes or period of expiration. The system provides also possibilities for executing manual stock allocation and thus enables to allocate all available stock in a warehouse to orders without regard to defined rules.

A warehouse dispatcher keeps at disposal a precise information about the status of particular orders and level of order processing. In real time he/she can immediately find out which part of the order and how many items have been already allocated, picked, packed, shipped and also she/he gets the information about workers who currently work on a particular order.

Dispatcher disposes of advanced and simple tool how to manage processing of particular orders effectively and the way that these orders are prepared for shipping completed and in assigned time. Each warehouse operation is immediately recorded and the check of its correctness is executed simultaneously. This way the order is picked on-time, precisely and also without errors as could be the goods mistakes, incorrect amount of pieces or incorrect lot codes or wrong entry of period of expiration.

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