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SmartStock.WMS Benefits

Full Warehouse Inventory visibility In Real-Time

All warehouse operations and goods movements are recorded by the system in real time and at the moment when they have arisen.

User keeps at disposal absolutely exact data about the goods status on a warehouse including serial numbers, lot codes or period of expiration. System monitors not only the exact current location of particular item but also the carriers (pallets) on which the goods has been located.

A user disposes of accurate and on time data about all warehouse operations, orders status, goods present in a warehouse or workers working loads. SmartStock.WMS offers advanced tools that support creation of variety of statistics and reports over current and historic data.

It is possible to track and evaluate the performance of individual workers, monitor the goods flow through a warehouse, goods velocity and the average balances, as well as analyse particular warehouse processes or warehouse working load and its specific locations.

Accurate and real time warehouse inventory control minimises the risk of loss and any risk of theft. Further the SmartStock.WMS ensures that the goods will be picked on time without any loss due to expired duration or guarantee period of particular goods. Last but not least the system supports accurate material planning, effective warehouse space utilisation and thus facilitates optimal resource allocation bound in stock, machinery or amount of people working in a warehouse.

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