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Implementation Of Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS in NOHEL GARDEN
Ing. Petr Nohel NOHEL GARDEN Warehouse management system based on goods, pallets and warehouse location unique identification by means of barcodes with utilization of handheld terminals enabling on-line radio frequency data transmission. Solution controls all warehouse operations in real time. The system has 80 concurrent working users. Handheld terminals Datalogic Falcon 4420, wireless network Colubris Networks. Online communication with ERP BYZNYS Win.
Company description:
Supplier and distributor of garden supplies

Wireless Data Terminals - Datalogic, Wireless Networks - Colubris, Barcode Label Printers - Argox

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SmartStock.WMS Implementation In Intersnack
Intersnack, a.s. Real time warehouse management system by means of mobile terminals supporting on-line radio frequency data transmission. Pallet label printing with barcode UCC/EAN128 based on EAN / GS1 standards. Mobile terminals Motorola MC9090G, wireless network Colubris Networks. Communication with ERP Milsoft.
Company description:
Producer of salted snacks, poptato crisp, specialities etc.

, Wireless Networks - Colubris

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