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SmartStock.WMS Functionality


After receiving the goods stays in the receiving location till the moment when is put-away process executed. If the requirement on replenishment of fast-flow locations or order for fulfilment of goods allocated in the receiving area arises, the goods is preferentially picked away right from here and the put-away process will be skipped. The suitable goods for cross-docking can be booked and blocked by the system or can be assigned by dispatcher within the framework of receiving. Thus the goods remains in receiving location until it is picked for particular order.


The kitting function enables assembling of components into kits. Kit represents a set of items, components of varying quantities, that supposed to be picked from the inventory as a whole. SmartStock.WMS supports import of sets, kits, from ERP system, kits marking with product labels and further handling with such a newly created sets. System provides kit tracking during its entire flow through the warehouse, detailed definition of kit´s parameters, configuration of obligatory and optional kit items and specify the item´s sequence. Within the kitting function, it is possible to create so-called dynamic kits, that represents the kits with the same identification but different content.

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