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SmartStock.WMS Functionality

SmartAdmin Module

SmartAdmin Module serves for parameters settings, SmartStock.WMS system configuration and for rules settings for particular operation. SmartAdmin module serves also for creation of three-dimensional 3D warehouse model with all warehouse, receiving, packaging and shipping locations. Simultaneously it serves for definition of particular sections and zones, determination of optimal access routes and reference points for put-away and goods allocation with respect to goods velocity. From the user level it is possible to execute any changes in warehouse configuration eg. adding new racks, change racks location, temporary blocking of appointed warehouse locations etc. in a very flexible way.

The area of a warehouse can be divided into sections and zones. The partition on sections enables to define warehouse locations with specific storage conditions. On each stock card there is a given information in which section is permitted to store the particular goods. The sections can be defined as eg. dry storage food warehouse, cold storage food warehouse, dry storage drug warehouse. In this way it is ensured that each goods has been put-away on the right location according to pre-defined rules. Independently on warehouse partition on sections it is possible to define the dividing into zones. For each defined zone you can assign access rights to certain workers who can work in given zones only. The input orders are than divided into single sub-orders according to sections or zones definition and the whole order is consolidated from particular sub-orders in the packaging location.

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