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SmartStock.WMS Functionality

Cycle Counting

Cycle counting is a regular, routine procedure which you use to count a limited amount of stock, according to date or bin. Cycle counting function continuously generates the tasks for inventory counting on given warehouse locations and it can be performed at any time, concurrently with all other warehouse operations. On each stock card you can enter the counting interval for this item. While respecting this interval the system for each item generates the order to count this item in concrete warehouse location at the moment when the amount of such item gets near to zero. The warehouse staff will be prompt to enter the actual amount of goods on terminal display at given warehouse location, the system compares it with presumed status and generates the report about the discrepancies between the inventory reported by the system and the actual inventory stored in the warehouse. These discrepancies are to be solved and to be accepted by the worker with given authorization and access rights. The tasks for cycle counting are generated automatically. They get stored into database and can be executed by the workers at any time eg. during the period when there are no other tasks in the system. The data about about the inventory discrepancies are exported into ERP system.

As a cycle counting record can be also considered a control inquiry on the quantity status at the moment when the pallet is empty.

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