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Technology SmartStock.WMS

Unique Identification By Means Of Barcodes

SmartStock.WMS is a complete solution for on-line „paper-less“ warehouse management & inventory control. System is based on unique identification of each item in-stock by means of barcodes. The barcodes are used also for identification of all warehouse locations and handling units within the scope of movement of goods in the warehouse and also for identification of shipments leaving the warehouse.

Warehouse Operations Confirmed By Scanning Barcodes

Warehouse operators are equipped with wireless handheld data terminals with integrated barcode scanner. All instructions and information needed for warehouse operations are received by each worker directly on terminal display and each operation is confirmed by scanning the barcode label on goods, racks or pallet. The on-line network connectivity within the warehouse locations is ensured by means of wireless network operating in 2,4 GHz band in compliance with 802.11b Wi-Fi standard. The warehouse signal coverage is ensured by access points that are connected to the fixed ethernet enterprise network.

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