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SmartStock.WMS Implementation In Intersnack
Intersnack, a.s. Real time warehouse management system by means of mobile terminals supporting on-line radio frequency data transmission. Pallet label printing with barcode UCC/EAN128 based on EAN / GS1 standards. Mobile terminals Motorola MC9090G, wireless network Colubris Networks. Communication with ERP Milsoft.
Company description:
Producer of salted snacks, poptato crisp, specialities etc.

, Wireless Networks - Colubris

SmartStock.WMS Implementation In Globo Eastern Europe Ltd.
Globo Eastern Europe Ltd. SmartStock.WMS – real time warehouse management. System covers goods receiving, put-away, wave picking, all by means of barcodes with utilization of mobile handheld terminals enabling wireless radiofrequency data transmission online. Mobile RF terminals Falcon 4420, label printers Argox X-1000+. On-line communication with ERP K2.
Company description:
Electronics industry / manufacturing of light fitting

Levice, Slovakia
Wireless Data Terminals - Datalogic, Barcode Label Printers - Argox

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