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SmartStock.WMS Implementation in Delimax, a.s.

About client

Delimax, a.s. is a significant food processing company mainly processing fish and producing delicate salad and fish products. Products of Delimax are available by means of retail chains not only in all Czech Republic, but the company starts to expand notably also into the surrounding contries.

Preliminary Situation
The ability of very fast and flexible reaction to customer orders, often within few hours, is next to evident products quality the main business succes factor of the client. Thus together with characteristic products short expiration period puts considerable requirements on precise production planning and detailed overview above the warehouse inventory. These requirements were the main reason for warehouse management system implementation working in real time and providing promt and precise information about the warehouse operations.

System Implementation
Two years ago it was made the decision about the necessity to implement on-line warehouse mamagement system in the warehouse of Delimax. Barco, Ltd was selected as a supplier and system integrator of WMS system with its wms solution SmartStock.WMS. SmartStock.WMS solution is based on deployment of barcode technology, mobile terminals with integrated barcode scanner and wireless WiFi network infrastructure. Goods, palets and warehouse locations are identificated by means of barcodes. System implementation was executed during all year 2004 and after several months of testing period, the system was put into real life at the end of the year 2004.

Solution Benefits
Accurate and confirmed information about current warehouse status including many different packages of the same items and expiration time tracking means significant shift in improvements of work in the warehouse. Customer orders are promptly imported from ERP into SmartStock.WMS and for each order system automatically reserves ordered goods. This complicated process, when you have to take into account many parameters including the warehouse status, customer requests on minimal remaining expiration time of the products, possible products substitution by other products, request on FIFO and many other parameters, runs completely on background and automatically. Afterwords the goods is picked exactly and efficiently according to adjusted and required parameters.

The system SmartStock.WMS continuesly compares incoming orders to the warehouse inventory status and thus offers very comfortable tools for precise planning of the production. In this area significant benefits were obtained and nowadays there are no disproportions between production and shipping.

Further important benefits were achieved by minimisation of mistakes in all warehouse operations, goods mistakes reduction, automatic shipping pallet label printing according to UCC/EAN 128 standards particular for each customer, detail recording of produced goods, cycle counting optimisation and goods loss minimisation.

The return on investment of SmartStock.WMS implementation project at Delimax is estimated on 12 to 18 months.

About Barco

Barco is a significant solution provider in the field of bar code applications and wireless technologies in business processes. We specialize on solutions for online warehouse management along with utilization of mobile terminals and wireless infrastructure. Our leading product has been on-line Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS. The corporation was established in 1993. Its stock capital is 2 000 000 CZK. Barco is a holder of certificate ISO 9001:2001.

About SmartStock.WMS

Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS is a complete „paper-less“ solution for on-line warehouse management that operates as the extension of inventory control in ERP systems. System is based on the unique identification of goods, handling units and warehouse locations by means of barcodes. Application has been programmed exclusively for utilization of mobile terminals along with barcode scanner operating in wireless WiFi network. SmartStock.WMS optimizes all operations, movement of workers and at the same time controls the correctness of all operations by means of reading of corresponding barcodes. Thus in a distinctive way enhance the labour productivity and minimizes errors at work in warehouse. All instructions for transactions in warehouse are received by each worker directly on terminal display. SmartStock.WMS has been built on the state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET platform that is along with the unique system architecture assurance of outstanding system flexibility and fast implementation into existing ERP system.
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